Form for registering your group
to enter Holy Mount Athos

Important information

Before registering a group to enter the Holly Mount Athos, please carefully read the pilgrims instructions available at:

If one or more persons change their mind about comming to Saint Mount Athos, please do tell us at the following email:


The invitations cannot be done for the next day if they are sent after 12:00. Also, if you want to enter on Monday, you have to make the registration before 12:00 on Saturday (these restrictions are due to the program of Salonic registration offices).

Form for registering a group

All the following fields are mandatory !

Email address:
Phone Number:
Number of persons in your group:
Entrance day:
Hour and place of entering:
Exit date:

Please check the locations where you have reservations in Holly Mount Athos:

Marea Lavră Monastery
Vatopedi Monastery
Iviron Monastery
Hilandar Monastery
Dionisiu Monastery
Cutlumus Monastery
Pantocrator Monastery
Xiropotamu Monastery
Zografu Monastery
Dochiaru Monastery
Caracalu Monastery
Filotheu Monastery
Simonos Petras Monastery
Saint Pavel Monastery
Stavronikita Monastery
Xenofont Monastery
Grigoriu Monastery
Konstamonitu Monastery
Saint Pantelimon (Russikon)
Pr. Ştefan Hermitage (Laku)
Pr. Nicanor Hermitage (Laku)
P. Antonie Hermitage (Laku)
P. Dimitrie Hermitage (Laku)
P. Eftimie Hermitage (Laku)
P. Isidor Hermitage (Laku)
P. Pavel Prodea Hermitage (Laku)
P. Pimen Hermitage (Laku)
P. Varsanufie Hermitage (Laku)
Saint Artemie Hermitage (Laku)
All Athos saints Hermitage (Laku)
Sf. Nicolae Hermitage (Laku)
All Saints - P. Gamaliil Hermitage (Laku)
The Holy Trinity - P. Pavel Buciumeanu Hermitage (Laku)
Saint Gheorghe - P. Mihail Hermitage (Laku)
Saint Ilie - P. Simeon Hermitage (Laku)
Prodromu Hermitage
Saint Andrei Hermitage
Proorocul Ilie Hermitage
Saint Ana Hermitage
Holy Tryinity, Kavsokalivia Hermitage

All the reservations will be checked. Please do not check the boxes where you don't have a confirmation from the holy priests that you can stay there in the period you want.